SkyNine Challenge

The epic Peak District SkyNine challenge is 50ish miles of hills and bogs.  You will be proud to complete it.

The 50 miles of the SkyNine has plenty of ups and downs and on the full race day (only one a year) a few extra surprises along the way.

The SkyNine takes on the Edale Skyline route before diverting from Win Hill towards Ladybower and then completing the Nine Edges  – giving this gruelling event it’s name.

The Challenge is run in three different classes. Blue Beret – the easiest, Green Beret – Intermediate and Red Beret – elite.

The SkyNine Blue Beret class Challenge skips a few miles and breaks the journey over the Edale Skyline and 9 Edges down into two manageable days. With a comfy bed overnight, warm bath and filling meal, you will be ready and raring to go for the second day.

The Green Beret class toughs it out an overnight campsite approximately half way along the route. As well as providing guides and safety staff, we arrange for a kit drop of your tents, (or hire ours) sleeping bags and other essentials to make life a little easier overnight. You head off on day two leaving the tents etc which we collect.

The Red Beret Class is unsupported (other than safety staff) and you carry what you need. You have the option of stopping at the overnight camp or just sucking it up and completing it as one long day.

Beyond the Edge are one of the most experienced providers of mountain adventures in the UK. We think its important that the event is run in a fun and friendly manner, and, take great pride in the very high percentage of individuals who return for further events and courses.

Our Open itineraries are for the Blue Beret class only. Green and Red Beret classes are run as a bespoke event or join us on our annual stroll around the Peak District.

SkyNine Challenge Format

Blue Beret Class – Open Challenge – After meeting your guide for the day, we do a quick equipment check and safety brief before heading off.

We follow the twenty mile route of the Edale Skyline Challenge before dropping back down into the village of Hope.

The following day we meet you at 08:15 near Baslow where we leave the cars and hop on our transport for the drive to Fairholmes. From here we follow the route of the 9 Edges Challenge arriving back in Baslow in the late afternoon.

Course Details

  • Location: Peak District
  • Cost: £110 per person or £525 per group of 8
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Ratio: 1:8
  • Level: Intermediate
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More Information

  • Course Dates
  • Bespoke Dates and Locations

    If you are a group, (large or small) we can run this event at whichever level (or all levels) you desire on a bespoke basis. Please contact the office and we will arrange a package to suit your requirements.

  • Meeting Point

    We meet at 08:30 in the village of Hope.

  • Equipment Required

    A detailed equipment list is contained in the joining instructions.

    Essentially, you need to be self sufficient for a day (Blue Beret class) or two days (Green and Red beret class) in the hills. We will provide the group safety equipment.

  • Fitness Level

    You do have to be reasonably walking / running fit to enjoy this challenge. To complete it without average fitness, requires a lot of determination and an appetite for pain and blisters.

    For the Blue Beret class its two twenty mile challenge walks back too back. For the Green Beret and Red Beret class it is about fifty miles.

  • Accommodation Options

    This Beyond the Edge challenge is offered as residential or non-residential for Hat Class. Green Beret will camp overnight about halfway along the route and for the Red Beret class, sleeping is optional.

    For the Hat class, there is lots of accommodation in the Hope Valley and we recommend The Sir William hotel which offers BtE clients a discounted rate. Other options are listed on our Accommodation page.


  • How do I book ?

    The best way is via this webpage. Choose a date from the options above for an open booking and then submit your booking and pay.

    For bespoke events get in touch first so we can check diaries and if required give you a quote. Get in touch by either calling the office on 01142 631 155 or emailing us.

  • Does the event include accommodation ?

    Not usually! We prefer to let you choose where you will be most comfortable. This may be in a tent or in a luxury hotel.

    In the Peak District we work out of the The Sir William hotel. This is a comfortable Inn with stunning views over the Hope valley and it also serves great food. We recommend that you stay here as they are well versed in looking after walkers and climbers, offer a 10% discount to BtE clients and it’s a 30 second commute from the breakfast table to our meeting room!

    They can be contacted at which is best as it allows them to answer when they have a spare few minutes or alternatively 01433 630 303 and ask to speak to Alan.

    If this doesn’t suit you for whatever reason, further accommodation options can be found on our accommodation page.

    For bespoke courses and events we can arrange whatever you desire from a bivouac under the stars to a spa hotel.

  • Children, Dogs, Parking, COVID and everything else...

    You will find all of the most frequently asked questions and their answers on our FAQ webpage

Course Details

  • Location: Peak District
  • Cost: £110 per person or £525 per group of 8
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Ratio: 1:8
  • Level: Intermediate
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