Beyond the Edge have been helping people train and prepare for inclusion on the stunt register for over 20 years. We can offer support, advice and training to enable you to pass the Rock Climbing Instructor qualification. This is the qualification required together with climbing experience to count as one of your sporting disciplines.

In April 2018 the Single Pitch Award (SPA) was replaced by the Rock Climbing Instructor Award. It has a very similar syllabus but the training course lasts three days rather than the current two days. Holders of the old SPA training are eligible for assessment under the new Rock Climbing Instructor Award.

We also have personal experience of working in the film and television industry and have we have access to JISC Registered Stunt Professionals and experienced riggers if you need specialist advice or training.

Please either contact the office or call us on 01142 631 155 to discuss your requirements.

Also see Mountain Training’s guidance on the  RCI qualification pathway for the stunt register.