1% for the planet

Sustaining our environment

Beyond the Edge is privileged to have the most amazing office possible – The Peak District. We do venture to other fragile environments, both around the UK and also internationally and, perhaps more than most, see how human impacts are affecting both the environment and its inhabitants. This can be negative, with the loss of clean drinking water in Nepal and shrinking glaciers in the European Alps. But it can also be positive such as the re-seeding of the Kinder plateau close to home.

In order that future generations are able to enjoy our natural heritage and experience the freedom of the hills, Beyond the Edge is committed to being a force for good and working sustainably in the local communities wherever we may be.

Anyone who has been out on crags, hills and mountains with us will know our passion for the natural environment and almost certainly be able to identify the call of the wood pigeon, the poo of a mountain hare and know a host of other stuff they never dreamed of knowing before spending some time with us. But we can always do better – so here is what we try to do so you can police us:

  • Inspire everyone about the Peak District and other upland places so they recognise its uniqueness, its fragility and become a guardian as well.
  • Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.
  • Encourage public transport or car sharing whenever possible.
  • Support local businesses so that money spent in the community ends up in the local community.
  • Support and encourage others to support local charities (Edale Mountain Rescue & Wildlife Trusts) and national charities where applicable (BMC Access and Conservation Trust (ACT), John Muir Trust, National Trust and RSPB).
  • Operate our office as sustainably as possible.

We are immensely proud that our efforts have been recognised (and independently audited) by others and that we have been awarded the Environmental Quality Mark.

We are proud members of 1% for the planet giving at least 1% of our turnover to environmental charities.

How you can help

Before you arrive. Buy that expensive outdoor kit sustainably. Choose companies that take their social responsibility seriously. Use rechargeable batteries and a reusable water bottle.
Arrive sustainably. Grindleford where we run most of our courses from in the Peak District is easily reachable by public transport. We offer a 5% discount for those that arrive by public transport.
Be sustainable whilst here. Stay local and buy local. There are many fantastic independents in the Peak District, use them or loose them. Extensive personal testing has been conducted on most of the various breweries!
Encourage sustainability. Tell businesses that you value their efforts or that they need to improve. Tell others about the fantastic environment that we have and its importance to you and others. Consider some voluntary work in conservation or encouraging less privileged people to enjoy the outdoors.