Refresher Sessions

Many otherwise strong candidates have become a little rusty in specific areas of the syllabus for their award. This is completely normal, especially if it has been a while since your training course. Also, for instructors / leaders who maybe haven’t used certain skills for a while they can be a great place to catch up with the latest developments and teaching, and bounce ideas of others. If your requirement is more orientated towards developing as a coach (performance or personal development) some private coaching may be more suitable. Please contact the office so we can discuss your requirements.

Walking Awards

For many who are about to attend a walking award assessment, the main area of concern is navigation, especially as it is also a common area for deferral. We run a specific one day refresher course to cater for this.

The other common area that individuals have concern over is aspects of rope work for the Mountain Leader award. This is often organised as the second day of a weekend following a navigation refresher. Please contact the office and we would be happy to arrange a bespoke event for you.

Climbing Awards

For the Climbing Wall Instructor and Rock Climbing Instructor, we generally offer refresher sessions only as a bespoke training solution. Please contact the office to discuss your requirements. If we know of anyone else who wants some training, we will endeavour to pair you up so as to reduce your costs.

Reassessment Sessions

The exact details of a reassessment depend on the aspect or aspects of the syllabus that your course report requires you to be reassessed on. This normally requires having a 1:1 ratio. Please contact the office to discuss your requirements.