BMC Intro to Sport Leading

A one day workshop looking at leading sports climbs outside for BMC club members.

This one day workshop looks at leading sports climbs outside. During the day you will look at safety equipment and safe techniques for threading anchors, stripping routes and dealing with routes that you cant get up! If appropriate you may have the opportunity to get on the sharp end during the day. The day will be spent at a crag developing these skills and then testing your rope systems.

As the day is spent outside learning by doing, please make sure you have the equipment needed to spend 6 hours outside potentially in damp weather.

Course Format

Start 09:00 Grindleford

We start with a short chat to introduce the course and ourselves and also work out individuals knowledge before heading out. During the day we will cover:

  • How to re-thread and lower off a sport route
  • Different types of lower-off commonly found
  • Checking bolts and lower-offs for wear
  • Assertive belaying and ‘not belaying right underneath the climber’
  • Developing good belaying habits and ropework.
  • If appropriate (weather, location and participant allowing) intro to lead climbing including clipping and re-threading
  • Device matched to rope diameter and difference in weight between the climber and belay-er, especially important on new ropes
  • Stripping a sport route
  • Dealing with steep routes/ traverses
  • Using a clip-stick to pre-clip the first bolt of a climb
  • Leaving a rope clipped to the first quickdraw to safeguard subsequent attempts
  • Review of day and ‘what next advice’

Close 17:00

Course Details

  • Location: Peak District
  • Cost: £50 per person
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Ratio: 1:5
  • Level: Advanced
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More Information

  • Course Dates
  • Meeting Point

    The course will meet at The Sir William Hotel at 0900 in the village of Grindleford. The village has good bus and train links with Sheffield and good train links to Manchester.

    The hotel has ample free parking.

  • Equipment Required

    A full kit list with recommendations as to what works best is contained in the Joining Instructions. These also contain a host of helpful tips and links to articles and videos to help you get the most out of the course.

  • Eligibility

    Candidates should have experience of leading indoors and be a proficient second. There is no minimum required climbing grade.

  • Accommodation Options

    This Beyond the Edge course is non-residential to allow you to select between a thermarest or 5 star hotel as you require. There is lots of accommodation in the Hope Valley and we recommend The Sir William which offers BtE clients a discounted rate and most courses start from here. Other options are listed on our Accommodation page.


  • How do I book ?

    The best way is via this webpage. Choose the date from the options on the above and then submit your booking.


  • Does the course include accommodation ?

    Not usually! We prefer to let you choose where you will be most comfortable. This may be in a tent or in a luxury hotel.

    In the Peak District we work out of the The Sir William hotel. This is a comfortable Inn with stunning views over the Hope valley and it also serves great food. We recommend that you stay here as they are well versed in looking after walkers and climbers, offer a 10% discount to BtE clients and it’s a 30 second commute from the breakfast table to our meeting room!

    They can be contacted at which is best as it allows them to answer when they have a spare few minutes or alternatively 01433 630 303 and ask to speak to Alan.

    If this doesn’t suit you for whatever reason, further accommodation options can be found on our accommodation page.

    For bespoke courses and events we can arrange whatever you desire from a bivouac under the stars to a spa hotel.

  • Children, Parking, Dogs, COVID and everything else...

    You will find all of the most frequently asked questions and their answers on our FAQ webpage.

Course Details

  • Location: Peak District
  • Cost: £50 per person
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Ratio: 1:5
  • Level: Advanced
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