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Problem Solving and Simple Rescues


Peak District


£95 per person


1 day

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This course is for people who have done some lead climbing and want to learn problem solving and self rescue techniques to boost skills and confidence. A perfect course to refresh yourself on essential skills or if you are heading off to an exotic destination (or venturing onto sea cliffs…)

“Great course, learning and enjoyable” Ed. London

As instructors with a background in Mountain Rescue, course we are not only intimately familiar with common problems encountered by climbers, but also the less common ones that need extra help! We spend the day covering the rope skills to get you or your mates out of a problem without asking for help. We can if required also spend a short time looking at what to do if its serious and whilst help is on its way.

If the weather is atrocious some time may be spent indoors at a suitable training venue.

Course Dates

Sun 27 Sept

Bespoke Dates and Locations

If there are two or more of you that want to learn how to get yourselves out of a pickle, but the dates or locations are not convenient please contact the office and we will arrange some dates and a location to suit your diary.

Meeting Point

The course will meet in Grindleford at 09:00. This has good bus and train links with Sheffield and good train links to Manchester.

Course Format

We will start by ascertaining your individual aspirations and tailor the day around the core syllabus to meet these.

A typical course will cover:

  • Incidents, why they happen and when to call for help
  • Ascending & descending ropes as an individual
  • Passing knots in ascent and descent
  • Escaping the system when on belay
  • Creating hoists and lowering climbers
  • Problem solving (stuck ropes and stuck climbers)
  • Committing to a rescue and creating a plan
  • Practical scenarios

The fee includes the use of specialist equipment and all training materials. Clients are encouraged to use their own gear if available, however, all ropes used will be provided by Beyond the Edge. We are happy to loan any other equipment that you may need e.g. helmet, harness or boots, free of charge just let us know on your booking form.
We suggest a rucksack containing:

  • Harness (ask when booking if you would like BtE to provide)
  • Helmet (ask when booking if you would like BtE to provide)
  • Rock shoes (ask when booking if you would like BtE to provide)
  • Chalk bag
  • Climbing gear (nuts, cams, hexes, krabs, slings etc.). If available
  • Guide book if available
  • Warm & waterproof clothes
  • Gloves (for abseiling and if its cold)
  • Food for the day
  • Drinks
  • Personal first aid kit (for headaches, blisters and minor cuts)
  • Camera if desired
  • Notebook if desired
  • Insect repellent & Sunscreen during summer months
Recommended Reading

Whilst it is not required to read anything before the course (apart from the joining instructions!)

The official handbook of Mountain Training (National Governing Body) for climbing schemes contains lots of useful information. It is:
Rock Climbing, essential skills & techniques. Libby Peter.


This Beyond the Edge course is non-residential to allow you to select between a thermarest or 5 star hotel as you require. There is lots of accommodation in the Hope Valley and we recommend The Sir William which offers BtE clients a discounted rate and most courses start from here. Other options are listed on our Accommodation page.

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